An Exceptional Large Museum Piece Decorative Antique Plaster Bust Of Laocoön


An exceptional large and rare antique plaster bust of Laocoön. The Laocoön sculptural group is one of the most amazing works of antiquity. It was found by chance on January 14, 1506 on the Oppian Hill in Rome, near Nero's Domus Aurea. This detailed and well sculpted plaster version is a later copy on the Uffizi's which is an extraordinary sixteenth-century model made by Baccio Bandinelli. The original antique marble group is in the Vatican Museums, in Rome. The Laocoön was a life-size, classical sculpture group which was excavated in Rome in 1506, an event said to have been witnessed by Michelangelo. The group was installed in the Belvedere of the Vatican where it remains to this day. Many other museums around the world such as the V & A also own versions of Laocoön. This plaster sculpture reproduces the bust of Laocoön, a part of the large renowned Roman sculptural group hosted in the Vatican Museums. The original represents the story of Laocoön, part of Homer's Odyssey, in particular his fight and suffering at the hands of the Greek Gods during the Trojan war. 

The story of Laocoön is taken from the second book of the Aeneid. Laocoön, a priest in Troy who, justifiably, warned the Trojans not to allow the wooden horse to be brought into the city, was punished by the gods. Along with his two sons he was entwined with snakes and squeezed to death. 

The Laocoön is characterized by its movement and by the study of anatomy and muscles. The tension of the movement is best seen observing the torso of Laocoon and his exhausted eyes. Sourced from a large Sussex country estate we are informed that this beautiful decorative bust on socle base was originally purchased in the 1950’s. A fabulous and evocative statement bust that would inject style and drama into any setting.

Full height 82cm x 57cm width x 34cm depth.

As a genuine antique/vintage item there is wear and use commensurate with age. Some wooden products may have signs of historic woodworm. As a precaution we apply a clear triple action woodworm treatment that also kills wet rot, dry rot and woodworm. Please look at all the images carefully and ask any questions pre purchase as we do not unfortunately offer refunds due to the size and shipping costs of our antiques/items.  All our items are available on line at Search & Rescued and other online stores.