Fabulous Large 2 metre Vintage French Cheesemakers Zinc Topped Dining/Preparation Table


A fabulous vintage French cheesemakers zinc topped preparation/dining Table. Beautiful riveted zinc table top with deep mellow patina. Baltic pine “A Frame” jointed base frame. Some wear expected with age to top, table top and legs can be dismantled for easy access/delivery/set up. Perfect for dining table, desk or preparation table.

Length 200cm x depth 90cm x Height 76cm x under plinth 73cm.

Zinc is a natural mineral that is antifungal and antibacterial. Zinc is non-porous so all tarnish spots are only on the surface level and can be removed by polishing or buffing. Zinc and copper are reactive metals that will continue to age over time. Oils, acids, and even standing water will change the surface. Over time the spots and other patina marks will run together so that each top is a unique and beautiful piece. Zinc will oxidize to a darker metallic colour while copper will turn brown. Heavy use areas will be smooth and lighter in colour. Simple everyday cleaning can be done with a sponge or soft towel and a non-acidic dish soap. If a cleaner contains citric acid, ammonia, or other harsh chemicals, it may cause unwanted aging or spotting on the zinc. Occasionally using the abrasive side of the sponge can be helpful for removing built up oxidation that forms naturally on the zinc over time. Zinc is a reactive metal, therefore it is important to remember that it can be clean and still have spots on it. If you would like to remove the spots  there are a few methods. Start by using a lemon and salt water mixture or vinegar and salt. If the stain persists, resort to Brasso and buffing. This will change the color of the table and restore the original look to the table top. 

As a genuine antique/vintage item there is wear and use commensurate with age. Some wooden products may have signs of historic woodworm. As a precaution we apply a clear triple action woodworm treatment that also kills wet rot, dry rot and woodworm. Please look at all the images carefully and ask any questions pre purchase as we do not unfortunately offer refunds due to the size and shipping costs of our antiques/items.  All our items are available on line at Search & Rescued and other online stores.