Rare Pair Of Original Federal Samuel McIntire Sheraton Cuban Mahogany Cane Chairs Circa 1790


A rare pair of original Federal Samuel McIntire Sheraton Cuban mahogany cane chairs Circa 1790. Hand carved Lyre splat backs with fluted legs and splayed rear legs synonymous of Sheraton. Featured In the 1791, Sheraton book/four-volume series entitled The Cabinet-Maker and Upholsterer's Drawing-Book. These designs Sheraton presented spread across England and eventually over the United States where they were embraced by furniture makers such as Duncan Phyfe, Samuel McIntire, and John and Thomas Seymour as part of the American Federal style.

Sheraton's style in this series, as well as the other books he published, was a take on Neoclassical furniture, popular in that time period. Neoclassical furniture rejected the ornate and elaborate look of previous styles in exchange for something simpler, more refined, and more straightforward. Like other Neoclassical arts, Neoclassical furniture was based on the revival of Greek and Roman aesthetics, including mathematical harmony and the celebration of unadorned geometry.

Sheraton furniture embraces Neoclassical simplicity, but with a notably lighter and more elegant feel than the sturdier styles. This may have been a result of French influence on Sheraton's designs. Regardless of where it came from, legs in Sheraton furniture tend to be thinner and the entire piece often feels visually lighter.

Sheraton furniture also obeys Neoclassical devotion to simple geometry, and particularly rectilinear forms. 

This architectural quality of the Sheraton style, common in most Neoclassical furniture, is emphasized by the legs, which (while thin) tend to be straight, rounded and fluted like the columns of a Greek temple. Some are tapered, and back legs are occasionally splayed.

Cane work to one chair historically replaced, some minor historical wear as expected, neither detract from these important collectors pieces.

90cm Height x 44cm width x 42cm depth x 47cm Seat height.

As a genuine antique/vintage item there is wear and use commensurate with age. Some wooden products may have signs of historic woodworm. As a precaution we apply a clear triple action woodworm treatment that also kills wet rot, dry rot and woodworm. Please look at all the images carefully and ask any questions pre purchase as we do not unfortunately offer refunds due to the size and shipping costs of our antiques/items.  All our items are available on line at Search & Rescued and other online stores.