A Rare Early Antique Emilian Wehrle Brass Inlaid Rosewood Drop Dial Wall Mounted Clock Circa 1860


A beautiful and very rare early antique Emilian Wehrle (1832 - 1896) brass Inlaid rosewood drop dial wall mounted clock Circa 1860. Wehrle was a renowned Black Forest clockmaker famous for his high-quality craftsmanship. Highly sought after by collectors, his works included the trumpeter clock, flute clock, singing bird clock, rooster clock, wall clocks and pocket watches.

Emilian Wehrle never produced clocks in high numbers compared to other clock makers of the period. Wehrle developed a niche selling his expensive works to high society/clients who could afford them.

In early 1866 Emilian formed a partnership with his next door neighbor Franz Xaver Wehrle (1819-1885), renaming the firm Emilian Wehrle & Co. Later that year on August 23, 1866, Emilian married F.X. Wehrle's daughter Norma Wehrle (1844-1901).

The gifted musical talent of the entire Wehrle clan, accompanied by outstanding skill and craftsmanship, originality and an enjoyment of tinkering are credited for the great success of the Wehrle's, whose clocks were exported worldwide, primarily to the United States and Great Britain. These clocks of the period were very expensive and never sold in large numbers like the more popular and much cheaper cuckoo clocks being imported from the Black Forest region. 

Wehrle's clocks are sought-after museum pieces due to their high artistic and superior technical designs. Today early examples of Wehrle’s clocks are exceptionally rare and command very high prices.

This fabulous example is a very rare drop dial wall clock, signed by Wehrle to dial with “Cambridge” to lower dial. This rare survivor will have been made to order at great expense then shipped to Cambridge from the workshops in  Furtwangen/Black Forest South West Germany.

Movement all in working order with original key. Lovely mahogany case surround with decorative inlaid brass detailing. Curved glazed door, clock with steel hands, Roman numerals, and painted dial. The drop dial section has carved fan shaped section, glass viewing window beneath, a curved door and hatch for accessing the elegant brass pendulum. The clock is clean, has been serviced and is working perfectly.

Gentle harmonious sound to mechanism.  Dating from circa 1860 this is a beautiful piece of history to be admired and used as intended as a superior timepiece.

45cm x 35cm

As a genuine antique/vintage piece there is wear and use commensurate with age. Some wooden products may have signs of historic woodworm. As a precaution we apply a clear triple action woodworm treatment that also kills wet rot, dry rot and woodworm. Please look at all the images carefully and ask any questions pre purchase as we do not unfortunately offer refunds due to the size and shipping costs of our antiques/items.  All our items are available on line at Search & Rescued and other online stores